UnionMuscle Mission

It is our goal to find union discounted pricing and publish that in a searchable database of banners. The companies want to target the union dollar because we have more disposable income then the non-union workers. The business of UnionMuscle will be to publish the discounts on our site. The companies want the advertisement, because it is targeting the people they want to do business with.

The everyday unionworker can sell banners with the discounts for all union members. Just everywhere you spend money, just ask ” Do you give a union discount?”.  It is not surprising that the answer is yes or we can. Now the everyday unionworker has made a commission, UnionMuscle has made money, and the companies will make the sales. It is a win-win-win for everyone.

There is also an email you may get, like yourname@unionmuscle.com.

We have a web-based email server with Zimbra email. It is an open source application that has Web-based or desktop email program. There is no confusion with using either or both as they are intregrated with each other. Also there are great features such as tasks, calendar, contacts,  briefcase, Zimlets, and mail.

For $10 per year, you can have every email you send say that you are Union. Let your email say who you really are. Stop advertising other brands while they track your movements. We respect your privacy, or your can opt in to our newsletters or union alerts.

Thank you,

Robert MacDonald

UA Local 525 – ret.

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