Mission Statement

UnionMuscle Dot Com is about providing union members with the other edge of a double edge sword. Our unions
have negotiated for wages. Now UnionMuscle can negotiate for prices of just about anything.

Businesses want the disposable income that union members have, more of then our non-union workers. So they
will make the deal and give a union discount. In test marketing, there was no company to decline. 
No company does not want union business.

In order to see the banners, the guests must sign on or register as a union member.  Once you are registered you
may look at all the discounts in a dynamically created searchable database.

Once you become a member, you may decide to help us grow.  We need to make any union member a salesperson
for unionmuscle.  There will be no cost but that there will be an application and papers to fill out.  But we want you
wherever you go to just ask "Do you give a union discount?".

We know you would do this for free to help other union members.  But we are going to award you a commission for
every banner that you have sold.  How great is that!  Helping others and making money too.

It is our plan to use the power of our union members to start building the banner page.  We will post these
discounts as we receive them on the Union Banner Database  Page.

We are also committed to promoting unionism online. Unionmuscle.com is not the only website.  We have a
network of union websites.
Union mail.net
Each of these sites are going to have a blog, forum, gallery and other features yet to be explored.  Oh yeah, you
can get an e-mail address at any one of these domains. 
Yourname@unionmuscle.com could be yours!  With that,
a web based mail account, that you can access from anywhere.  Or set up your Windows mail to pull it from
the server.  Plus many other features in the webmail program.
Let your e-mail address tell everyone who you really are.  A union member proud and strong!

The Internet medium must be used to spread the news of workers.
Unions can use the internet for organizing, promoting, and battling the war of words against unions. Our Internet
presence should be overwhelming and compel non union workers to rethink their positions. When there is
problems, we can use the web to get the word out, and present our case. There are many possible uses and
benefits in union members online. We are not a Union and have no affliation with any Union.

We are union members and support the Union Way!

Robert Mac Donald

Copyright Unionmuscle