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We all should be smiling. We are so lucky to be Union. It is amazing to see the media bashing the Unions, when we are only trying to help them. The non-union workers do not realize that joining a Union is for their protection! Oh well! Let's start by getting better prices. That is Walmart's secret. They have the volume buying power. We have the power in our collective volume also! [About Us]

The coin can be yours for helping others and finding companies that will give a Union Discount. There is a harmony of purpose with your Union Members like it was a family. These are people you trust!

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UnionMuscle For Union Discounts

UnionWomen For Union Women

UnionMen For Union Men

UnionHood For Union Members For Union Mail

 As Union Members, we need to use our Voices, to counter the growing Media hype. We are still Strong, still United, and still the Hard Working Backbone of America. These Union Websites are a simple soapbox to tell everyone!

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